iPhone Ringtone (MetroGnome Remix)

Video has been going crazy viral this past week

The mind that brought us a spectacular rework of the Breaking Bad theme song brings us another amazing remix, this time of the iPhone ringtone.

Taking inspiration from an unlikely source, producer MetroGnome delivers a jaw dropping remix sampled from the iPhone ringtone. I know that EDM isn’t every persons thing, but it’s tough to deny the musical talents displayed by MetroGnome in this video. Not only does he impress with his musical IQ of taking a simple ringtone and transforming it into a song, he also impresses with his musical ability. Showing that his skill set isn’t reduced to just computers and ableton launch pads, MetroGnome pulls out a guitar and shreds a few riffs for the audience.

It’s no shocker that MetroGnome has achieved viral status yet again with one of his songs. If you didn’t jump on the bandwagon after his Breaking Bad remix, I think now should be the time you do so. Head on over to his YouTube channel for more awesome music and remixes from this talented producer!

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