Imagine Dragons- Radioactive (Lady Antebellum Cover)

What happens when you combine country artists Lady Antebellum and 2013 hit “Radioactive”?

The answer: Awesomeness.

Country group Lady Antebellum provides us with an absolutely incredible bluegrass rendition of Imagine Dragons hit song, “Radioactive”. I’m surprised that over the past couple of days this hasn’t gained more than 20k views but I’m sure that will change quickly.

If you ever wondered what “Radioactive” would sound like as a country song, look no further. I’m not a big fan of country or bluegrass music and I have to say I absolutely loved everything about this cover. From start to finish, Lady Antebellum fails to disappoint.

If you have never heard of Lady Antebellum, I highly recommend you check out more from them over on their YouTube channel.

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