Holy Holy- History

Big things on the horizon for this duo

Based out of Melbourne and Brisbane is the talented musical group Holy Holy with their single “History”.

Created around the minds of award-winning singer songwriter Timothy Carroll and guitarist/composer Oscar Dawson, Holy Holy has been rising rapidly within the music industry. Over the past few months I have heard of Holy Holy a number of times but never really took a listen until I came across “History” last night. After just one listen I understood the hype.

“History”, the bands most recent single, combines elements of psychedelic, folk, and indie rock to create a completely unique sound that helps distinguish Holy Holy. Featuring a psychedelic melody and relaxing vocals,”History” establishes a mellow, laid-back vibe resulting in the creation of an infectious single.

Many people are calling on Holy Holy as a breakthrough artist of this next year and we would have to agree. What started as a musical project in Australia has quickly reached the ears of the world, and judging by the hype, people like what they are hearing.

For more music from Holy Holy, check them out on their SoundCloud page and YouTube channel!