Haywyre- Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson Re-Interpretation)

Prepare to have your mind blown

In need of something to help cure those Monday morning blues? Well look no further than this absolute jam brought to us by up and coming musician/DJ/producer, Haywyre.

Re-interpreting Michael Jackson’s, “Smooth Criminal”, Haywyre provides us with a unique take on one of pop musics most iconic songs. Keeping only the vocals and a small part of the original beat, Haywyre completely transforms “Smooth Criminal” into a funky, electronic masterpiece, practically creating a completely new song in the process.

Not only does Haywyre impress with his producing abilities, but he also wows us with his skills on the keyboard. Playing over his re-interpreted beat, Haywyre dominates on the keys, shredding solo after solo and adding to the overall epicness of this spectacular track.

If you’ve never listened to Haywyre before, take a minute out of your dreadful Monday and check out more of his awesome work on his SoundCloud page!


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