Harris Adams- Ring Ring

A new age artist with an old school sound

Coming at us by way of London is the sensational singer on-the-rise, Harris Adams with his latest single, “Ring Ring”.

Bringing an old school sound to the modern era, Harris Adams creates a brilliant, soulfully smooth sound with his debut single “Ring Ring”. Blending together the music stylings of Marvin Gaye and Ray Charles with a more contemporary style, Harris Adams delivers an incredibly unique soul/pop sound that is destined to reach the Billboard charts. Don’t believe us? Take one listen of “Ring Ring” and see it get stuck in your head throughout the day.

Officially released for sale at the end of the month, “Ring Ring” is certain to turn heads in the music industry. With its soulful, yet poppy sound, “Ring Ring” has all the ingredients needed to become a massive hit single.

With “Ring Ring” being the debut single of Harris Adams we fully expect more impressive releases in the near future. Be sure to stay on the lookout for Harris Adams and tune in to his YouTube channel for more great music!