GUNSHIP- Fly For You

Amazing song, Epic video

Need a little boost for your Monday morning? Well look, ┬áno further than the neo 80’s retro-futuristic assault duo, GUNSHIP, with their epic debut single, “Fly For You”.

The work of Fightstar members Dan Haigh and Alex Westaway, “Fly For You” combines an epic 80’s style synthwave sound with an intense music video to ┬ádeliver an amazing and complete viewing experience. Putting the music video aside, “Fly For You” is a spectacular work of music. With its infectious melody, “Fly For You” is the perfect track to jump start your morning!

GUNSHIP just announced a 10 track album due out later this year. If “Fly For You” is any indication of what to expect, we are quite excited to see what the future holds for GUNSHIP!

Stay tuned to GUNSHIP’s YouTube channel for more updates and releases!

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