GRiZ- Hard Times

Different isn’t always a bad thing

So this is a bit different of a sound than your use to hearing on this site.

23 year old talented producer, GRiZ comes at his with his hit song “Hard Times” from his most recent album, Rebel Era. This might be a bit different, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not good music.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, GRiZ blends together the elements of electronic music, funk, jazz, hip hop, and soul to bring us a truly unique sound. Not only is he a highly talented producer in studios, but he also puts on an impressive display of musicianship during his live performances. What may appear like ‘just another DJ’ too you, GRiZ, shatters this stereotype, playing live saxophone while he mixes during his performances. It is truly a sight to see and makes GRiZ’s talent all the more impressive.

His sound is similar to other artists within the genre like Pretty Lights, Gramatik, and one of my favorites, Big Gigantic. I highly recommend checking out GRiZ and other related artists!

For more of GRiZ’s awesome music and albums, check out his YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

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