Gone to the Buffalo- No Time For The Why

I guarantee you will be hooked on this song right away

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland comes indie rock/alternative country band Gone To The Buffalo with their song “No Time For The Why”.

I’m very happy to feature this song on here today seeing how guitarist and vocalists Tyler Brock is my good friend and Fraternity brother from UMD.

I have to say, when I first heard “No Time For The Why” I was immediately hooked. I think I sent the song to over half of my Facebook friends and would tell anyone who would listen how awesome of a song it was. With a southern rock and indie vibe to it, “No Time For The Why” is an incredible song that’s perfect to blast in your car or just when your hanging out. With a catchy melody and awesome chorus, this song will have you pressing play more than just once.

Do yourself a favor and check out their Facebook and YouTube page for more awesome music and check out their EP over on bandcamp!

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