George Ezra- Listen to the Man

Greatest music video of 2014?

Well this is all sorts of awesome. Combining forces with the legendary Sir Ian McKellen is UK singer/songwriter George Ezra with his newest single “Listen to the Man”.

An incredible song overshadowed by an even better music video, George Ezra brings us an incredible listening and viewing experience with “Listen to the Man”. From the second you press play, “Listen to the Man” will have you completely captivated with George Ezra’s incredible, deep, and resounding voice and Sir Ian McKellen’s wacky antics.

When i first clicked on the video, I was simply expecting to listen to a great song by one of the UK’s brightest and youngest new stars. What I got was one of the more entertaining music videos I have seen featuring one of the most iconic and loved movie stars of my generation.

After you finish fan-girling over Sir Ian McKellen you quickly realize how awesome the song is. While the video does partly overshadow the song, it definitely accomplishes its mission– to go viral. Over the next few days, I am sure you will be seeing this video on just about every internet outlet– Reddit, BuzzFeed, Tumblr and more. And for good reason. George Ezra is an incredible talent who never seems to disappoint with any of his releases. It is great to finally see him get his due on the internet.

For more of George Ezra’s music, check out his YouTube channel!