Game of Thrones Theme Song (MetroGnome Remix)

Hot Damn

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been suffering from severe Game of Thrones withdrawal since it last aired in June.¬†Well look no further than YouTube sensation and talented producer, MetroGnome to help satisfy your GoT addiction.

Combining electronic and dubstep elements, MetroGnome creates a remarkable rendition of the iconic Game of Thrones theme song that will leave you more speechless than Joffrey at his wedding.

Whether or not you watch Game of Thrones, it’s tough to see this remix as anything other than epic. However, fans of the show will definitely appreciate the efforts of MetroGnome a little more. Capturing the shows dark, ominous, and brutal nature in the melody while adding in some of the shows most iconic quotes over the beat, MetroGnome does a spectacular job of catering to the shows fan base.

If you haven’t checked out MetroGnome before, you should do yourself a huge favor and head on over to his YouTube channel right away! You won’t regret it!

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