Funky Fridays- Gramatik & Exmag


Gramatik (Denis Jasarevic) is a 29 year old electronic music producer from Slovenia based out of New York.  He has established a name for himself within the electronic music community for his chilled-out funky, guitar-infused beats.  Gramatik is a member of Pretty Lights Music and all his music is available for free to the general public.

Recently Gramatik has consumed himself with his main side project, Exmag.  The group consists of himself, Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero (aka:SuperNicer), Mike Iannatto, and ILLUMNTR.  Exmag is starting a movement and establishing a new genre in electronic music; lowtemp funk.  It’s all the same groovy, funky sounds that you’d expect to hear if you walk into a disco in the 70’s combined with sharp, sexy modern age basslines.

This song is song number 11 off Gramatik’s latest album, The Age of Reason, which was released in late January.  Click here for the entire full album download and make sure to check out Exmag’s Soundcloud Page and join the lowtemp movement.

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