Florida Georgia Line- Cruise (Dan Henig & Rachel Price)

A whole different sound for this smash country hit

If you’re located up in the northeast, chances are that you are experiencing an absolutely beautiful Wednesday. In honor of this fantastic weather, we wanted to close the day out with the perfect song for a day like today. Ladies and Gentlemen, feast your ears on this stellar acoustic cover of Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise”, by YouTube sensation Dan Henig and Rachel Price.

Taking on Florida Georgia Line’s smash hit from 2012, Dan Henig and Rachel Price team up to transform “Cruise” from a massive country hit, into an incredible acoustic rendition. Combining their impressive vocal talents, Henig and Price wow us with their beautiful rendition, amazing us from start to finish.

For more great music from both Dan Henig and Rachel Price, head on over to their YouTube channels listed below:

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