Firefly Spotlight- X Ambassadors

This weeks Firefly Spotlight belongs to Brooklyn based alt. rockers, X Ambassadors.

Why Should You Listen?

A couple of days ago, a friend requested that I check out a lower billed band playing at Firefly, called X Ambassadors. Having nothing but praise for them, I decided to check them out. That band is now your Firefly Spotlight for this week.

Based locally in Brooklyn, New York, X Ambassadors have used their unique sound to help build a name for themselves within the music industry. Originally forming when the members, consisting of brothers Sam Harris (Singer/Songwriter)and  Casey Harris (keyboardist), and childhood friend Noah Feldsuh (guitar), were in college, X Ambassadors fully came to fruition in late 2010 when the three members moved to New York City where they met their fourth and final member, Adam Levin (Drums).

Ever since they, X Ambassadors has been on the grind, working hard, playing gigs, and producing music. In 2012, after a couple years of hard work in the studio, X Ambassadors released their debut EP, Love Songs Drug Songs. Met with much praise and fanfare, Love Songs Drug Songs helped launch X Ambassadors career, turning heads within the music industry and attracting a larger fan base.

Their sound has been described by some as a mixture of passion and darkness, combining the elements of acoustic, electric, and electrical sounds to create their unique vibe. If their passionate fans aren’t enough to convince you these guys are the real day, maybe their song, “Love Songs Drug Songs” appearing on video game Need For Speed Rivals, or their recent stint opening for big name rockers Imagine Dragons will help further show you.

What To Listen For


One of their most listened to songs on Spotify, “Unconsolable” is an excellent display of the¬†X Ambassador’s impressive sound. With pounding drums and chilling vocals, it’s no shock that this song has grown in popularity among the fan base.


Recently featured on the trailer for the new season of Orange is the New Black, “Jungle” is a collaborative effort with British blues rock and folk musician, Jammie N Common. There really is only one word needed to describe the epicness of this track: badass.

Love Songs Drug Songs

Appearing in video game Need For Speed Rivals, “Love Songs Drug Songs” is one of the songs that helped put X Ambassadors on the map. Take a listen and you’ll see why.

Why We’re Excited!

After hearing rave reviews on their live performance and having listened to them myself, I can safely say that I am very excited to see X Ambassadors at Firefly Festival this June. From everything I’ve heard and read about their live performances, they put on an absolutely electric show. With the band bringing a ton of energy to the crowd, incredible music, and even killer sax play from the lead singer.

If you get a moment, look up some of their performances they have recently had. The quality may not be 100%, but it’s good enough to give you the idea of what you’ll be getting yourself into!

For more awesome music from X Ambassadors, check them out on YouTube!

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