Firefly Spotlight- Wild Cub

This weeks Firefly Spotlight belongs to Nashville based indie pop band, Wild Cub

Why Should You Listen?

Wild Cub, consisting of members Keegan DeWitt (vocals/guitar), Jeremy Bullock (guitar/synths), Dabney Morris (drums), Harry West (bass), and Eric Wilson (keys/synths), has captivated audiences from coast to coast with their unique, infectious brand of electro-pop. Formed in early 2012, Wild Cub quickly burst onto the music scene with the successful release of their debut album, Youths.

Featuring infectious guitar riffs and 80’s-inspired synths, Youths successfully introduced the music industry to their unique sound. Met with much critical acclaim from a number of respectable music outlets, Youths helped Wild Cub secure a number spots of high-profile tour dates and festivals, helping to expand their fan base and further their careers.

With growing popularity and success, Wild Cub decided to reissue their debut album earlier this year to greater distribution. With several bonus tracks included, the reissued version of Youths was met again with praise, leading them to perform a whopping eight shows at this years SXSW festival and earning them line-up spots on festivals by the likes of the Hangout Fest and Firefly.

What To Listen For

Thunder Clatter

They’re leading single off of Youths, “Thunder Clatter” has reached mass appeal among Wild Cub’s fan base. Having been used in a worldwide advertisement by Bose, “Thunder Clatter” has quickly established itself as a favorite.


A catchy song with infectious guitar melodies, “Colours” provides for a fun listen with a sing-a-long styled chorus that will have fans itching to burst out in song along with the band.


It may be overshadowed by some of Wild Cub’s bigger hits, but don’t let that fool you. “Jonti” is a fantastic listen with a funk meets 80’s-synth pop vibe that will make you want to get up and move your feet.

Why We’re Excited!

With an 80’s inspired synth pop sound, Wild Cub will provided listeners with a much more unique experience than many other bands will at Firefly. Their unique sound, catchy melodies, and impressive live performance will embrace festival goers and provide them with an incredible experience.

I’ve watched a few videos of Wild Cub performing live and have not been disappointed thus far. The energy they give off during their performance is fantastic and the vibe in the crowd seems amazing and fun. Definitely be sure to mark these guys off as a band to see!

Check out more from Wild Cub over on their YouTube channel and Facebook page!


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