Firefly Spotlight- Vic Mensa

This weeks Firefly Spotlight belongs to up and coming MC, Vic Mensa.

Why Should You Listen?

At only 19 years of age, Chicago based hip-hop artist Vic Mensa has already burst onto the scene as one of hip-hops premiere rising stars. A member of the SAVEMONEY crew, with notable member Chance The Rapper, and former member of the popular group Kids These Days, Vic Mensa has been able to rise to prominence within the industry with his unique sound and strong flow.

Young in age but a veteran in the booth, Vic Mensa’s impressive resume of work and electric live performances have allowed him to gain a large, dedicated following and support from highly respected names within the hip-hop industry.

Just take one listen to Vic Mensa’s body of work and you’ll quickly see what the hype is all about.

What To Listen For

Feel That

Released just a couple of months ago, “Feel That” has quickly established itself as a favorite among fans. Watch any video of him performing this track live an you’ll see firsthand just how crazy the crowd goes.

Orange Soda

Currently his most viewed video post on YouTube, “Orange Soda” was the second video released off of his project, INNANETAPE. With it’s chilled out vibe and fun video, it’s no shocker that this music video has rose to over 500k views.

Down On My Luck

Released on SoundCloud just the other day, “Down On My Luck” has already amassed more than 100k views. With it’s funky and upbeat melody, “Down On My Luck” is quickly on its way to becoming a big hit.

Why We’re Excited!

Check out any video from Vic Mensa’s live performances and it’s easy to see why anyone would be excited to see him perform live. The amount of energy he brings to his performances and the connection he makes with his fans is amazing. Toss in the fact that fellow SAVEMONEY crew member, Chance The Rapper will be performing at Firefly as well and you have the recipe for a memorable performance from Vic Mensa.

With few hip-hop acts gracing the stages of Firefly Festival, Vic Mensa’s will be one that you certainly will not want to miss!

For more music from Vic Mensa go ahead and check out his YouTube channel and SoundCloud page.

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