Firefly Spotlight- Vance Joy

This weeks Firefly Spotlight belongs to emerging folk pop artist, Vance Joy

Why Should You Listen?

His voice is unique, is music blends folk music with pop influences, and his lyrics reach out to his audience.

Since the late 2000’s singer/songwriter Vance Joy has captivated audiences with his unique vocals, meaningful lyrics, and Bon Iver influenced sound. Starting out his career performing open mics as a law student in Melbourne, Vance Joy found himself gaining in popularity. With his newfound musical success, Vance Joy decided to put his law degree on hold and pursue a career in music instead.

Featured on a number of festival lineups this summer, including Firefly and Bonnaroo, a hit sing with over 11 million views on Spotify, and a multi-album deal with Atlantic Records, it’s safe to say that Vance Joy made a smart career decision. Since his rise to popularity in Australia, Vance Joy has found himself gaining worldwide popularity. With the help of influences such as Paul Simon, Bon Iver, and Coldplay, Vance Joy has been able to create a unique, indie/folk pop sound that has taken him from open mics in Melbourne to playing stages across the world.

What To Listen For


Off of his EP, God Loves You When Your Dancing, “Riptide” has quickly established itself as a fan favorite. With a fun melody and catchy chorus, it’s easy to see how “Riptide” has helped launch Vance Joy into stardom.

Play With Fire

A wonderful song about freedom and the power of friendships, “Play With Fire” is another wonderful song that is as powerful musically as it is lyrically.


Another song off of his debut EP, “Emmylou” is yet another song that demonstrates Vance Joy’s incredible ability not just musically but lyrically.
Why We’re Excited

With fantastic music and lyrics that connect with his audiences, Vance Joy’s performances have been describes as both special and magical. He might not have that fast paced, hands in the air, dance type music, but his songs represent powerful emotions and strong connections.

The way the crowd feeds off of his energy and music and sings along in the above video is an amazing sight and probably more amazing to see live in person.

For more awesome music from Vance Joy, head on over to his SoundCloud page and check his Facebook page and website for updates!

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