Firefly Spotlight- Typhoon

This weeks Firefly Spotlight belongs to Oregon based post-pop band, Typhoon!

Why Should You Listen?

Formed in Portland, Oregon in late 2005, post-pop, indie-rock band Typhoon has quickly made a name for themselves within the music industry. Consisting of 11 members (That’s right, 11!), Kyle, Toby, Dave, Pieter, Alex, Tyler, Devin, Ryan, Eric, Shannon, Jen, and Paul, Typhoon has been able to make their mark in the music world with their complicated arrangements, careful orchestration, and impressive live performances.

Having been compared to bands by the likes of Beirut, Arcade Fire, and Bright Eyes, Typhoon’s combination of indie-rock instrumentals with beautifully placed vocals has given them a sound that resonates throughout their fan base and beyond. With live performances consisting of 11 members or more playing at once, and a wide variety of instruments used, including violins, xylophones, horns, a choir, and many more, Typhoon has established their shows as more than just a performance, but an experience.

What To Listen For

The Honest Truth

The first song I ever heard from Typhoon, “The Honest Truth” made me instantly hooked. Combining a wonderful horn section, powerful vocals, and beautiful instrumentals all around, “The Honest Truth” is as close to perfect it can get!

Young Fathers

Off their most recent album, White Lighters, “Young Fathers” proves to be as magnificent as it is catchy.

Dreams of Cannibalism 

Another single off of White Lighters, “Dreams of Cannibalism” is yet another song that displays the incredible musicianship and talent that Typhoon possesses.

Why We’re Excited!

Watch that video above and tell me that you aren’t excited to see Typhoon perform. As I stated before, their live performances represent more of an experience than a show, and the above video proves just that.

With a wide array of instruments, a massive band, and an incredible amount of talent, Typhoon will be sure to rock the stage and make a performance that the audience won’t forget.

For more music from Typhoon, head on over to their website or SoundCloud page!


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