Firefly Spotlight- The Mowgli’s

This week’s Firefly Spotlight belongs to Rock n Roll/Folk band The Mowgli’s

Why should you listen?

Based in Los Angeles, California, The Mowgli’s have been cranking out good music since they started in a garage back in 2010. Comprised of 8 members, Michael Vincze (Guitar/Vocals), Colin Louis Dieden (Vocals/Guitar/Percussion), Katie Jayne Earl (Vocals/Percussion), Matthew Di Panni (Bass/Vocals), Josh Hogan (Guitar/Vocals), Dave Applebaum (Keys/Vocals), Spencer Trent (Percussion/Guitar/Vocals), and Andy Warren (Drums/Percussion/Vocals), The Mowgli’s have impressed the music world with their uplifting, communal, and infectious songs.

With a genre that slides between indie pop to country and all things in between, The Mowgli’s have drawn comparisons to popular bands such as Fun., Grouplove, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Their music resonates the messages of universal love, peace, togetherness and unity, and their performances prove just that. Combining the elements of Rock n Roll, indie-folk dance, and heartfelt protest ballads, The Mowgli’s create infectious harmonies and beautiful choruses that invite you to sing along and join in.

They’ve been featured on Conan, Leno, and Jimmy Kimmel, and have quickly gained a massive following through playing a number of festivals and tours. Their hit song, “San Francisco” was even featured by the San Francisco Giants during their 2012 World Series victory run.

What to listen for

San Francisco

Off their first album, Waiting For the Dawn, “San Francisco” is an awesome jam about experiencing the trials and tribulations of life together. It’s an awesome song that packs a ton of energy and will be guaranteed to get you moving

The Great Divide

The Great Divide” is another fun song off of their debut album. Though not as fast paced as “San Francisco“, “The Great Divide” still will please the masses with its catchy melody and awesome harmonies.

Say It, Just Say It

As you can see with the first two songs, “Say it, Just Say It” follows on the similar theme of love. With an infectious chorus, and uplifting melody, “Say It, Just Say It” does not disappoint at all.

Why we’re excited

With their uplifting melodies, infectious choruses and positive vibes, it’s tough not to be excited to see The Mowgli’s live. With an energetic crowd, their performance certainly won’t disappoint. With choruses that scream sing-a-long, you can guarantee that you will be in for a fun afternoon of singing, dancing, and making new friends. The Mowgli’s have the songs and presence to wow the crowd and we are certainly looking forward to experiencing it!

Check out more of The Mowgli’s over on their YouTube channel and Facebook page!