Firefly Spotlight- Saints of Valory

This weeks Firefly Spotlight belongs to Texas rockers, Saints of Valory.

Why Should You Listen?

Hailing from the music capital of the United States, Austin, Texas, is rock/alternative up and comers, Saints of Valory.

Consisting of four members, Gavin Jasper (Lead Vocals/Bass), Godfrey Thomson (Guitar), Stephen Buckle (Keyboard), and Gerard Bouvier (Drums), Saints of Valory’s rise to stardom has been anything but ordinary. With the four members hailing from three different continents, Saints of Valory’s journey has consisted of many bizarre twist, turns, and coincidences that have landed them at the point they are now.

With an arena-ready rock sound, driving guitar riffs, pop influenced hooks, and genuine lyrics, Saints of Valory have been able to create a wide ranging, dedicated fan base. The release of their debut EP, The Bright Lights was met with much critical acclaim, launching them to Top 50 in Triple A radio and being chosen as one of Billboard’s top 6 unsigned artist. The praise continued to follow Saints of Valory through the release of their second EP, Kids, which sold over 1,700 copies on iTunes in just it’s first week, changing everything for the band in the process.

What To Listen For

Neon Eyes (Into The Deep)

Off of their new EP, Possibilities, “Neon Eyes (Into The Deep)” has quickly established itself as a fan favorite, gathering the most views on the bands YouTube page and Spotify.


Another song off of Possibilities, “Kids” incorporates driving guitars, powerful lyrics, and an anthematic bridge that combine together to make for an epic song.

Long Time Coming

The most recent music video released by the band, “Long Time Coming” brings all the ingredients needed for a hit song and Festival favorite.

Why We’re Excited!

Bringing a ton of energy to their already electric performances, Saints of Valory is as close to a guarantee for an amazing live show that you would want to see from a performer. With a dedicated and passionate fan base, there is no doubt in our minds that their stage will be packed with an awesome audience, with everyone singing along and having an awesome time.

You won’t want to miss out on these guys come June so be on the lookout for their stage time!

For more great music from Saints of Valory, check out their YouTube channel and website!

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