Firefly Spotlight- RAC

Strap on your dancing shoes for this weeks Firefly Spotlight, RAC!

Why Should You Listen?

What originally started in 2007 as a remix artist collective (Hence the name RAC) in 2007, now serves as a solo project for founder Andre Allen Anjos. Specializing in remixes (200+ of them!), RAC has been able to make a splash within the music industry, garnering a large and dedicated following and earning respect within the music industry.

Rather than take the conventional approach at remixes, RAC has aimed to change the way artist remake songs. Instead of adding a dance beat over a pop songs chorus, RAC instead attempted to create interesting and unique arrangements to already popular songs. What may have seemed like a risky move in the beginning ended up paying off significantly in the end. RAC’s unique and creative reinvention of artist’s songs created a refreshing alternative to the dance beat remixes and were met with much public acclaim.

Though the remixes may have a different approach and sound, they still have a large amount of funk and groove that’s needed to get your feet moving. It’s safe to say that once RAC takes the stage, the audience starts grooving.

What To Listen For

Let Go

RAC’s most recent single “Let Go” off of his new album, Cherrytree, puts the groove full throttle. With an awesome bass line, chilled out groove, and incredible lyrics from Kele of Bloc Party, “Let Go” proves to be a certified jam.



Another single off of his recent album, Cherrytree, “Hollywood” continues the trademark RAC sound that fans of grown to love and appreciate. With a strong groove, it’s tough not to fall in love with this one.

Blue Jeans (RAC Remix)

There’s a reason why this remix has over 2 million plays on SoundCloud and 5 million on YouTube. It’s awesome, simple as that. Don’t believe me? Than watch the video above and see for yourself.

Why We’re Excited!

With a funky and groovy sound that makes it almost impossible not to tap your feet to, RAC is certain to put on an epic show. I mean, just watch the above video.┬áIt’s tough to watch the whole thing and not find yourself wanting to be in that audience dancing around. Well, come the weekend of June 18th, that desire will become a reality!

For more great music from RAC, head on over to his SoundCloud. With over 200 remixes and plenty of originals, it will sure keep you busy for a while!

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