Firefly Spotlight- Aer

This weeks Firefly Spotlight belongs to Massachusetts duo, Aer.

Why Should You Listen

 A few years ago I was introduced to Aer after having a music conversation with a few friends at school. Since then, Aer has filled up my iTunes, dominated my Spotify, and has become my go to band during summertime.

Formed in 2011 in their hometown of Wayland Massachusetts, duo David Von Mering and Carter Shultz have quickly made a name for themselves within the music industry. Combining the genres of hip-hop, reggae, indie rock, and pop, Von Mering and Shultz have been able to form their own musical identity that has created Aer.  With their incredibly fun and happy vibes, Aer has been able to create the perfect sound for summer nights, chilling out, partying, and drives to the beach. 

Despite remaining unsigned, Aer has been able to establish a large following of fans spanning the globe thanks to their high energy performances and infectious melodies. If buzz around the internet is any indication, Aer will be sure to rock the stage come summertime.

What To Listen For

Floats My Boat

Their leading song on Spotify, “Floats My Boat” is the quintessential summertime jam. I dare you to listen to this song and not think about drinking a few beers down by the beach.


Another song off of their album, The Bright Side, “Songbird” is a perfect blend of the bands hip-hop, pop, and reggae roots.

Feel I Bring

Another song that evokes that summertime vibe, “Feel I Bring” has quickly established itself as a fan favorite thanks to it’s laid-back melodies and catchy chorus.

Why We’re Excited!

Their awesome, simple as that. If their recent performances are any indication, Aer will be guaranteed to dominate the stage during their Firefly performance. With a strong following, it won’t be of any surprise to see a large crowd over at their, singing a long with all of their songs come performance time.

Since I started listening to Aer a few years back, I’ve been dying to see them live. When I saw them on the bill for Firefly this year, I immediately put them down as a must see act. When they step out on stage for their performance,  you’ll know where to find us.

For more music from Aer, head on over to their YouTube channel and website!