Firefly Spotlight- KONGOS

This weeks Firefly Spotlight belongs to Phoenix based rock group, KONGOS

Why Should You Listen?

Well, we’ve finally reached the one month mark until Firefly Festival! And what better way to celebrate than with the incredible 4-piece rock band, KONGOS!

Believe it or not, I came across KONGOS this week after hearing their music play in a YouTube ad (Looks like that marketing budget is paying off!) before another music video. I liked what I heard, recognized the name from the Firefly lineup, and immediately went to listen to more of their music. After listening to a number of their songs, I knew I had to feature them as this weeks Firefly Spotlight.

Formed around the musical talents of brothers Johnny Kongos, Jesse Kongos, Dylan Kongos,  and Daniel Kongos (hence the name KONGOS), KONGOS have been receiving significant exposure over the past few months. After self-releasing their debut album, Lunatic, in late 2013, KONGOS began to gain momentum, having their music receive airtime on radio and featured in television commercials.

Their fan base rapidly growing and music gaining increased exposure, KONGOS was signed to EPIC Records and re-released Lunatic in early 2014. With their arena-ready alternative rock sound and comparisons with bands like Kings of Leon and Muse, Lunatic was met with much critical acclaim. Critics loved their unique sound, described as a combination of classic rock with African rhythms and Balkan beats, that have allowed KONGOS to separate themselves from other rock acts.

What To Listen For

Come With Me Now

One of their leading singles from Lunatic, “Come With Me Now” has probably had the most commercial success, featured in TV spots for television show The Originals, NBC Sports, and was the official theme song for the WWE’s May paperview event.

I’m Only Joking

Their other single from Lunatic, “I’m Only Joking” has quickly become a fan favorite at KONGOS live performances. Featuring booming drums and driving guitars, it’s no surprise to see how popular this song has become.

I Want To Know

One of my favorite songs off of Lunatic, “I Want To Know” brings a fantastic, toned down sound from KONGOS that will have you grooving along to the beat.

Why We’re Excited!

Not much needs to be said about why we’re excited to see KONGOS in less than a month. Just take one listen to Lunatic and you’ll immediately understand why we’re pumped.

Seriously, go and listen to it now.

Check out more great music from KONGOS over on their YouTube channel.

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