Fictionist- Free Spirit

Perfect song to start your morning.

Hailing from Provo, Utah is Fictionist with their single, “Free Spirit”.

While Fictionist labels their music as ‘rock’ on SoundCloud and Facebook, the sound is much more complex. Described by Baebel Music as ‘the MGMT update of Peter Gabriel’, Fictionist have combined a number of different elements to create a truly unique sound.

“Free Spirit” wonderfully showcases the unique sound the band has created. Combining 80’s┬ástyled synthy pop-rock with a CVRCHES eletro pop structure, Fictionist create a catchy and addictive sound in “Free Spirit” that will have you listening throughout the day.

Formed in 2008 and currently releasing their fourth studio album, Fictionist know their way around the music block. While their music hasn’t reached any mainstream avenues, it has created plenty of critical acclaim and a dedicated following.

If this is the first song you are hearing from Fictionist you are missing out. Head on over to their SoundCloud page to stream their new album and check out plenty more awesome music!


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