Feral Conservatives- Little Pieces

Something a little different to start your day

Bringing us their unique brand of music by way of Virginia Beach is the indie duo Feral Conservatives with their new single “Little Pieces”.

Centered around a mandolin, Feral Conservatives is able to put a unique spin on the indie rock genre. “Little Pieces”– the lead single of the bands double a-side single The Light in the Hall– is the perfect example of the bands unique sound. Led the powerful vocals of Rashie Ronefarb, “Little Pieces” provides listeners with a refreshing take on a genre that seems to be clouded with unoriginal and repetitive tracks.

With their LP due out later this Winter, there is plenty of excitement surrounding Feral Conservatives– and understandably so. We look forward to seeing what this talented duo has in store for us next!

To check out their double a-side single and listen to more original tracks, head on over to Feral Conservatives SoundCloud page!



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