F.Stokes- Shaka Zulu

Remember this name

Looking for some quality new hip-hop? Well look no further than up and coming hip-hop artist, F.Stokes with his single, “Shaka Zulu”.

A talented lyricist, F.Stokes combines his poetic verses with a raw hip-hop sound to create a unique brand of rap in “Shaka Zulu”. Utilizing a top-notch beat with a catchy hook, “Shaka Zulu” has the necessary tools to make noise in the hip-hop industry.

While “Shaka Zulu” stands out, F.Stokes has a number of tracks under his belt that will both amaze and impress. I highly recommend you take a few minutes out of your day and head on over to F.Stokes YouTube channel and SoundCloud page to check out more of his tracks.



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