EP Premiere- The Winter Brave: Lonely Days

Boy do I have a treat for you today

It’s a very exciting day for us over here at The Undiscovered as we premier our good friends, former Artist Spotlight, and incredible up and coming rock band, The Winter Brave’s brand new EP, Lonely Days.

It’s amazing what the power of the internet can do for three friends in a rock band from a small town in Pennsylvania. A little over a year ago, The Winter Brave, comprised of brothers Jake Scarpino (Guitar/Lead Vocals) and Sam Scarpino (Drums/Vocals), and friend Chris Beaulieu (Bass/Vocals), were all attending college in three separate states. Playing together in a band wasn’t plausible, there was too much distance and not enough time. Fast forward to present day and they’re dominating the front page of Reddit, having Dave Grohl blast their music, appearing on BuzzFeed and performing at SXSW. Now that’s a big change in just one year for a small band from Pennsylvania.

Lonely Days is the culmination of all the hard work, dedication, and long nights the band has put forward to get to the point they are at today.¬†An excellent fusion of rock and roll, garage, and alternative rock, Lonely Days delivers a sound that you’d expect from seasoned rock veterans, not three young kids chasing a dream. Each track on the EP brings an energetic vibe, an energy that sort of captures the bands struggles and excitement of dropping everything to pursue a music career. With four tracks on Lonely Days, I can guarantee that you’ll find yourself pushing play again, and again, and again over the course of the next few weeks, it’s just that good!

Now while most attention will be given to “Lonely Days“, which it should because its an amazing track, my personal favorite off the EP was “Bizz Fickler“. With a boisterous beginning, featuring driving guitars and an upbeat melody, “Bizz Fickler” slows it down in the middle with a soothing breakdown highlighting their incredible vocals, before slamming it back on the gas pedal and closing the song out on a fast-paced high note.

It’s tough not to root for The Winter Brave– three childhood friends reunited by their love of music, putting it all on the line to chase their dream of making it big in the music industry. Almost sounds like the plot-line of a Disney movie. But putting their great story aside, The Winter Brave is an incredibly talented up and coming rock band. Lonely Days, along with the rest of their body of work, is a perfect example of the talent these young kids posses and the quality of music we can expect them to continue putting out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Winter Brave are a MUST WATCH artist. These kids are on the verge of a blow up and don’t be surprised when, not if, you see them doing big, big things!

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