Emergency Door Release- Serotonin Sarah

Awesome music video set to an even better song

Hailing from Newcastle, Britain is up and coming rockers, Emergency Door Release, with their epic new single, “Serotonin Sarah”.

Set to a mesmerizing and beautiful music video, “Serotonin Sarah” perfectly combines amazing music with a story lined music video. All too often when I come across a music video, I press play and pay little attention to the actual video itself. In the case of “Serotonin Sarah”, I came for the awesome song and ended up absolutely infatuated by the music video. When artists are able to combine excellent music with a fun, cool, and even story-lined music video (ex: Daft Punk’s Discovery album) it creates a deadly combination that can quickly launch a band to viral status.

With one big single release already under their belt and with their video picking up steam throughout the internet, Emergency Door Release seems poised for a pretty big 2014. If I was you, I would keep an eye out for these rockers from Newcastle and be on the lookout for new releases over the next few months!

Keep an eye on Emergency Door Release over on their YouTube channel, SoundCloud page, and Facebook!