Elton John- Rocketman (Bluegrass Cover)

This is why I love music.Don’t let the Bluegrass word scare you away! This will probably be the best thing you hear all day..

Bluegrass band Iron Horse, takes the iconic classic “Rocket Man” by Elton John and performs and absolutely incredible bluegrass rendition. Nothing can ever beat the classic done by Elton himself, however, this version absolutely blew me away.

I can’t say I’ve ever been ┬ámuch of a bluegrass fan, but then again, I can’t really recall any time that I’ve really listened to the genre. Needless to say, this version certainly impressed me and will have me looking at the genre with a bit of a different light.

Take a minute out of your day and check out the other songs from Iron Horse over on their YouTube page.

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