Eastside- Ellie (“Loyal” & “Don’t” Mashup)

Perfect mash-up to take you into the weekend

Congratulations you made it to Friday. Among all the Ebola scares, craziness in the news, and dreary weather, you have managed to make it to yet another weekend. To help take you into that weekend, we give you the incredible cover/mashup of Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t” and Chris Brown’s “Loyal” by the band Eastside.

Doing a bit of reserach, not much information is given on Eastside. Aside from this song and a remix by Coucheron there are no additional track on their SoundCloud page. Could there be more to come? No one knows that answer aside from Eastside, but after one listen to “Ellie”, we certainly hope so.

Taking Ed Sheeran and Chris Brown’s hit songs, Eastside does a spectacular job in their mashup of the two songs. With an acoustic twist, “Ellie” provides listeners with an addictive tune that will be stuck in their heads all weekend long.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any additional released from Eastside. One thing is certain, they may be mysterious right now but they have jumped on our radar!

Stay tuned to Eastside’s SoundCloud page for any new releases!