Dylan Joel- Swing (Feat. Mantra & DJ Izm)

Rap + Jazz/Swing= Instant Awesome

Coming at us all the way from down under in Australia is hip-hop artist Dylan Joel with his latest single, “Swing”, featuring Mantra and DJ Izm.

It’s not very often we feature hip-hop by way of Australia, but Dylan Joel’s “Swing” certainly deserves that honor. Fusing together elements of modern day hip-hop with old-school swing/jazz, Dylan Joel creates a spectacular and unique sound with “Swing”. With an amazing swing-styled beat that speeds up with each verse, “Swing” delivers a track that will leave you in awe and have you pressing play again and again.

One of Australia’s fastest rising hip-hop stars, Dylan Joel backs up all the hype with “Swing”. His impressive lyricism combined with his use of unique samples and live instrumentation show exactly why Australia is so high on this budding hip-hop star.

“Swing” is just one of the many awesome tracks from the mind of Dylan Joel. If you like what you hear, we highly recommend you head on over to his SoundCloud page to check out more of his fantastic music!

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