Doug Seegers- Going Down to the River

Simply Beautiful

It has been quite a long time since we last presented you with a video of a street musician performing. Today, we bring you a special performance from Nashville-based homeless street musician Doug Seegers.

Performing his own song “Going Down to the River”, Doug Seegers captivates his small audience with his incredible country vocals, simplistic melody, and beautiful lyricism.

Well known in Nashville but little known to the world, Doug Seegers life story was brought to us in a documentary by Swedish musicians Jill Jonson and Magnus Carlson. Discovered on a tip from a hot dog salesman, Jonson and Carlson were by blown away by the musical talents displayed by Seegers.

Though the documentary is an hour long, and partly in Swedish, I highly recommend all those interested to watch. The documentary is incredible and provides a heart-breaking and inspirational look into Doug Seegers tough life.

Street Musicians are a truly spectacular thing. With each musician so different in their talents and backgrounds, you never know if you are stumbling upon a Penn Station pan flute band or a person like Doug Seegers. Next time you see a street musician performing, take a second and listen. You may just be blown away.