Doobie Brothers- Long Train Runnin’ (Cover)

The boys of Rockyard have done it… again

Taking on iconic rockers, The Doobie Brothers, classic song “Long Train Runnin'” is the extremely talented rockers from north of the border, Rockyard.

Quickly developing into one of my favorite artists on YouTube, Rockyard wows us once again with their spectacular rendition of “Long Train Runnin'”. With the incredible and raw vocals of lead singer Matt Warry-Smith matched with the spectacular melodies from the rest of the band, Rockyard provideds us with an unforgettable version of a rock classic.

After listening to Rockyard dominate yet another cover, one question came to my mind: What can’t they cover? Seriously though. They’ve taken on pop diva and Grammy winning Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”, Music Icons The Beatles “Helter Skelter”, and my personal favorite, Swedish pop and 90’s night favorites, Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants”. Each one of their covers has been special in its own way and they continue to get better and better with each release.

It’s safe to say that with three posts here on The Undiscovered, and a number of excellent originals and covers on their YouTube channel, Rockyard is the real deal. You can be sure that we will be watching their YouTube channel diligently for new releases and will be sure to post them here so you can all join in the awesomeness of their music!

To listen to more great tunes from Rockyard, check out their YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE to their page for continual updates!

P.S. Don’t think we didn’t notice that shirt! CHIVE ON!!