Didrick Live 78 Song Mash Up

Start your day on the right foot with this epic mash up

Celebrating their three year anniversary, Monstercat, an independent electronic record label, teams up with producer/DJ Didrick for this incredible live 78 song mash up.

Utilizing not only hisĀ launch pad, but live instruments as well, Didrick creates a remarkable sounding mash up of 78 of hisĀ favorite electronic tracks. I have always found it interesting when a DJ/Producer combines their alents with live instruments. Sometimes it succeeds and other times it results in a mess of sound. For Didrick and the people over at Monstercat, this performance was nothing short of awesome.

Providing an upbeat, high energy performance for three plus minutes, Monstercat’s live mash up by Didrick is the perfect way to get your day started.

For more from Monstercat, check out their YouTube channel. For more music from Didrick, head on over to his SoundCloud page!

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