Destiny’s Child- Say My Name (Jackson Breit Cover)

Does this guy ever disappoint?

Answer: No, he does not

With a new single and a few impressive covers already under his belt in 2015, there is no denying that up-and-coming singer/songwriter Jackson Breit is having a huge 2015. He continues his hot start to the new year with yet another incredible cover, this time of Destiny’s Child smash hit, “Say My Name”.

Adding his unique acoustic flair, Jackson Breit completely transforms “Say My Name” from a pop r&b hit into a soulful acoustic rendition. Combining his spectacular vocals with infectious acoustic instrumentals, Jackon Breit creates a silky smooth rendition that amazes us yet again.

Time after time, release after release, Jackson Breit continues to impress with his unique, soulful brand of acoustic pop. 2015 looks to be shaping up to be another massive year for Jackson Breit so be sure to pay attention to this up-and-coming star.

For more music from Jackson Breit head on over to his SoundCloud page.

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