DCF- John Cusack

Prepare yourself for catchiness

Hailing all the way from Ontario as up and coming pop star, David Charles Fischer, better known as DCF, with his catchy new song, “John Cusack”.

You know you’re doing something right in the music industry when the celebrity you’ve named your song after DM’s you on twitter, even if that DM is to ask you to stop posting your stuff. Despite John Cusack’s whining, DCF’s “John Cusack” is an incredibly catchy tune that will have you pressing play again and again and again.

The song starts off on a high note, with a terrific beat and solid vocals. Where “John Cusack” truly shines though is in its chorus. With sing-a-long lyrics and an infections beat, the chorus is the part that will bring listeners back for more. Seriously though, that beat has stuck with me all day so far and doesn’t appear to be leaving my head any time soon.

I highly recommend checking out more music from this budding pop star over on his YouTube channel!