Daryl Hall & John Oates- Out Of Touch (MisterWives Cover)

I wish there was a way to type out the hearts in eyes emoji right now

Wow, just WOW!

As part of Kia Motors Rediscovered series, NYC-based dance/pop band MisterWives performs a spectacular rendition of Hall & Oates cult classic “Out Of Touch”.

Presented with the opportunity of a lifetime to cover this 80’s classic in the legendary Electric Lady Studios, MisterWives made sure to take full advantage of their situation. And boy, oh boy did they not disappoint!

Adding their own distinct twist, MisterWives¬†delivers an absolutely incredible cover of “Out Of Touch”. Presented with the task of covering one of the most legendary songs released in the 80’s is no easy task, but¬†MisterWives proved they were up to the challenge, impressing us from the second the drum beat kicked in.

After the release of “Reflections” last year, MisterWives has been enjoying a massive wave of popularity. Their fun and infectious melodies have caught the ears of fans worldwide and has quickly launched them into musical stardom. Their cover of “Out Of Touch” is just the latest example of the talent that this young band possesses.

For those unfamiliar with MisterWives, I highly recommend you head on over to their YouTube channel and check out more of their amazing music!