Darren Korb & Ashley Barrett- We All Become

Fantastic track discovered in an interesting place

Featured in the upcoming Playstation 4 title, Transistor, is the wonderful track from Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett, “We All Become”.

Video games may not be a standard area to discover new music, but with a new emphasis on gaming soundtracks and commercials, it is becoming much more commonplace. “We All Become” is the latest song to find it’s way into large scale exposure thanks to featuring in the video game, Transistor.

Created exclusively for Transistor, “We All Become” is a chilling song. Featuring beautiful vocals from Ashley Barrett, Darren Korb creates a wonderful melody to match the the mood of the vocals and the game.

It’s great to see music becoming a larger focus of newer video games. Just like a movie, a video games soundtrack can prove essential to setting a games mood and scene that can help to further enhance the gaming experience. With this trend not looking to slow down any time soon, we are very excited to see what new, creative music will be coming our way in the future!

Check out the complete soundtrack created by Darren Korb with vocals from Ashley Barrett here!

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