Damon Albarn- Mr. Tembo

Some uplifting, chilled out music to start your hump day

The perfect start to your hump day morning, English singer/songwriter Damon Albarn brings us his relaxing, uplifting song, “Mr. Tembo”.

Generally, when I hear a slow paced song, it takes me a couple of listens through to find myself really enjoying it. Not with “Mr. Tembo”. From my very first listen, “Mr. Tembo” catchy melody, uplifting lyrics, and relaxing vocals had me hooked. Inspired by an orphaned elephant Damon Albarn met in Tanzania, “Mr. Tembo” provides listeners with an uplifting story of hope and friendship through tough times.

After just one listen, “Mr. Tembo” successfully put a big smile on my face, and looking through a few YouTube comments, some listeners felt the same way. With it’s feel good nature and happy vibe, “Mr. Tembo” is exactly what you need in your day to cheer you up and put a smile on your face!

For more from Damon Albarn, check out his YouTube channel!

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