Dale- Stain

Some solid new pop rock for your ear buds

Fresh off the success of their debut EP, Love, Dale, featuring their single “Tame”, Dale brings us another high quality alternative, ┬ápop rock single in “Stain”.

With a calming melody and chilled out vibe, “Stain” is a fantastic listen that wonderful demonstrates just how talented these Los Angeles rockers are. With the release of “Stain” just 6 months after the successful debut of their EP, Dale proves that they are more than capable of consistently putting out high quality music for their fans to enjoy.

If you’re out on the West Coast, I highly recommend you take the time to catch these guys in a live show. Having graced the stage with well known artist such as New Politics and Diplo, you can rest assured that Dale will put on a quality performance.

In the meantime, take a moment and check out more on Dale over on their official website and SoundCloud page!

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