Cosmo Sheldrake- The Moss

Awesome song to start your Monday off

Multi-instrumentalists, producer, and vocalists, Cosmo Sheldrake brings us his amazing new song, “The Moss”. Hailing from London, Cosmo Sheldrake is a one man band, performing a wide range of instruments during his recordings and performances while using the assistance of a loop pedal to make it all come together.

“The Moss” is a wonderful example of the incredible talents that Cosmo Sheldrake possesses. A chilled out electronica/folktonica styled song, “The Moss” is an awesome listen for a late night drive or early morning work day. With a strong beat and vocals on point, “The Moss” will have you humming its tune throughout the day.

For more from Cosmo Sheldrake, check out his YouTube channel and SoundCloud page.

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