Coldplay- The Scientist (Boyce Avenue & Hannah Trigwell Cover)

Amazing cover from the best YouTube has to offer

Taking on Coldplay’s smash hit, “The Scientist”, Boyce Avenue, accompanied by singer Hannah Trigwell, prove yet again why they are one of YouTube’s biggest stars.

Performing a chilling duet, Lead singer Alejandro Manzano of Boyce Avenue and Hannah Trigwell utilize their powerful vocals to drive home a sensational cover of “The Scientist”. Stripping down the song to just vocals and acoustic guitars, Trigwell and Manzano demonstrate incredible chemistry, helping to further portray the songs powerful message.

Trigwell and Boyce Avenue have collaborated a number of times on cover projects and each one seems to get better than the last. Their talents perfectly compliment each other and they both bring their A game to create special and unique covers, “The Scientist” being no different.

For more great music from both Boyce Avenue and Hannah Trigwell, head on over to their YouTube channels and give them a listen!

Boyce Avene YouTube channel
Hannah Trigwell YouTube channel