Coldplay- A Sky Full Of Stars (Cover)

Holy Moly

I’m usually not a big fan of covers that sound similar to the original version but this rendition from Daniel Ferri was too good to not post.

Using some clever editing and just himself, Daniel Ferri delivers a mesmerizing rendition of Colplay’s recent smash hit, “A Sky Full of Stars”. De’EMDing the hit song a bit, Ferri does a magnificent job in the cover, playing each instrument to near perfection and adding in flawless vocals.

The second Ferri opened his mouth and began singing, I needed to do a quick double take to see if it was actually his vocals and not a recording from the original. Yes, I know that comparing Ferri’s vocals to Chris Martin’s is a loft comparison, but don’t tell me that at first listen Ferri’s vocals aren’t reminiscent of Martins.

The combination of Ferri’s vocals and de-EMD’ed instrumentals help create a special cover of Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars”. With the sound this cover brings and the punch the vocals add, don’t be surprised to see this cover go viral over the next few weeks!

If you haven’t checked out Daniel Ferri before, I highly recommend you do so now. Head on over to his YouTube channel for some more awesome music!

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