Cocoon – Cathedral (Dinnerdate Remix)

Chill Vibes

So I realize I’ve been posting a good amount of “deep house” artists recently.  To stray from that trend we’re going to classify Dinnerdate as “indie dance.”  It pisses me off when people are loyalist to one particular genre.  Half the electronic music released today cannot just be placed into one specific category.  And that’s what I love about it! There’s always something new and exciting around the corner.  The countless creative artists combined with today’s massive media sharing platforms allow for the music to continuously be evolving.  There’s never been a time in musical history where production and sharing occur at such rapid rates.  THE FUTURE IS NOW.

Anyways…check out this sweet new indie dance 😉 remix by Dinnerdate (Simon Hoppe).  Hailing from Munich, Germany, Dinnerdate is all about making chill music.  It’s relaxing and melodic.

This remix of Cathedral is beautiful.  It’s perfect to wake up to in the morning or fall asleep to at night.  Check out Dinnerdate’s other work here and make sure to give him a follow.

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