Chromeo- Lost On The Way Home (Feat. Solange)

This seems like a fitting time to post this

This past week has been filled with headlines featuring Beyonce Knowles sister, Solange. Unfortunately, not for reasons that she would have wished for.

Overshadowed by this weeks tabloid fodder was the release of Solange’s collaboration with electro funk duo, Chromeo, And to answer your question: yes it is very, very good.

Turns out that Beyonce wasn’t the only Knowles that has talent as Solange displays her vocal ability on Chromeo’s recent track “Lost On The Way Home”. Set to a chilled out, funky beat, Chromeo delivers another solid single with the help of Solange’s soulful voice. Off of the recent success of their hit, “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)”- which has been blowing up radio stations and skyrocketing up the Billboard 100- Chromeo proves that they aren’t one hit wonders as they bring us another solid effort.

Sure Solange will never surpass Queen Bey’s fame, but her talent shouldn’t be overlooked. Serving the perfect compliment to the Bee Gee esque voice of Chromeo frontman Dave 1, Solange shows all the doubters that her talent should not be overlooked. Sure she will never surpass the popularity that Queen Bey has reached, but she shows here that she can create her own career seperate from her sister.

I can’t tell if the tabloid fiasco she’s involved in right now is a good or bad thing in the long run, but you know what they say, “There’s no such thing as bad press”. Especially when all that press is coming right as your new song comes out.

Chromeo has recently been releasing a ton of new music due off of their new album over on their YouTube channel so be sure to check it out!