Chet Faker- Melt Feat. Kilo Kish

Different sound, but who ever said different was bad?

Hailing from down under, in Melbourne, Australia, is future beat, electronica artist, Chet Faker with his song, “Melt” featuring Kilo Kish.

Up until a couple of days ago, I had never heard of Chet Faker before. His sound and genre is not something that I have explored in too great of detail and something I never really paid much attention to. However, after my friend passed this song along and suggested I take a listen, I instantly liked what I heard. Chet Fakers sound is much different from what you’ll hear on a daily basis, taking a more down tempo, chilled out approach to his music than most musicians. The result is music that just.. works, wonderfully I might add. His sound is perfect for chilling and hanging out and just carries a complete relaxing vibe with it.

For more music from Chet Faker, head on over to his SoundCloud page!

S/O to Bryan Fuss for the tip