Chance The Rapper- Cocoa Butter Kisses (Cover)

Allow me to introduce you to YouTube’s next star

It’s not too often I’m left speechless from a cover on YouTube, but Clyde Lawrence’s cover of Chance The Rapper’s “Cocoa Butter Kisses” did just that.

Performed by an 8-piece band, Clyde Lawrence and company perform a spectacular rendition of the hit song by one of hip-hops brightest young stars. Adding a bit of soul, Clyde Lawrence and company combine powerful vocals, a mean organ solo (by Bryn Bliska) with soulful instrumentals to create a spectacular, mind-blowing rendition.

Chances are that you have probably never heard of or listened to Clyde Lawrence. With 500+ subscribers on YouTube, it’s not that crazy for you to have not. However, trust me when I say this: This kid is destined for big things. Whether it be a week, month, or a year, you can be sure that Clyde Lawrence’s YouTube channel will blow up big time.

Having spent the past couple of hours browsing through Clyde Lawrence’s YouTube channel I can promise you that this won’t be the last you hear from this talented young man here on The Undiscovered.

Head over  to Clyde Lawrence’s YouTube channel for more amazing music and be sure to subscribe to his channel for updates on new releases. Be on the lookout over at The Undiscovered for more posts from this talented, up-and-coming artist!

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