CARLA- Heart Trips

Perfect song to get you through this humpday

Need a little extra kick to help get you through this humpday? Well, look no further than indie-pop group CARLA with their single “Heart Trips”.

Featuring an uptempo melody and infectious chorus, “Heart Trips” delivers a catchy single that is guaranteed to jump start your day. ┬áBe careful though, this dance-fueled song will get stuck in your head almost immediately.

With only one song on their SoundCloud page and not many updates on their social media pages, we can only hope that CARLA is busy at work in the studio working on more amazing music. With a song like “Heart Trips” we can only cross our fingers and hope that more great music is on the way.

Stay tuned to CARLA’S SoundCloud page for more updates on new tracks!

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