Calvin Harris – Feel So Close (A capella)

This kid has more talent in his vocal chords then I do my whole body

This video is a couple of years old but I had to dig it up and share it with you today. For those of you who haven’t come across AaronicStuff and his Acapella covers before, click the video above and I guarantee you will be blown away.

Using only his voice, AaronicStuff beautifully mimcs the melody of Calvin Harris’ “I Feel So Close”. His impressive and ability creates a unique cover that left me with jaw on the floor. I’ve tried beat-boxing before and I sucked at it. This kid is able to use only his voice to create an entire song, vocals and everything. Now that’s talent.

Check out his videos on his YouTube page and show him some support by purchasing his covers on iTunes.


Oh, his sister also has an incredible voice. Guess the talent in the family doesn’t end with just him

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