Burn The Ballroom- Chariot

Brace yourselves, this song is about to blow you away!

Take some of Fun., combine that with Panic! At The Disco and then add a little bit of Queen into the mix. That is the sound that Burn The Ballroom creates in their spectacular single, “Chariot”.

Featured on their 2014 record Melodies for the Outsiders, “Chariot” combines a number of different musical elements to deliver an incredible and unique sound.¬†Watch out though, with its catchy chorus and massive sound, “Chariot” will quickly find itself stuck in your head throughout the day.

Based out of Northern Virginia, Burn The Ballroom has been steadily making noise in the music industry since their inception in 2011. With their boisterous sound and infectious melodies, Burn The Ballroom has quickly established a strong following that is only growing.

Be on the lookout for Burn The Ballroom in 2015. We have a feeling big things are on the way!

Check out more from Burn The Ballroom over on their YouTube channel!

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