Birdmask- Fire Dance

Snap back to reality

Halloween weekend has come and gone and many of us are left trying to piece together moments from an amazing, costume and candy filled, weekend. While most of us are struggling at our cubicles or in a classroom, allow us to help ease your sufferring with the excellent folk single “Fire Dance” by Birdmask.

An incredible single from start to finish, “Fire Dance” is a spectacular fusion of musical and folk elements that create a unique and spectacular sound. Based in New York, Birdmask, also known by his real name¬†Manuel Gagneux, has been exploring ¬†New York based Birdmask is continually releasing music that fuses together varying musical and folk elements that results in a unique and refreshing listening experience.

For those that have never heard of Birdmask until today, I highly recommend you take a few minutes and check out more of his musical work over on his SoundCloud page!

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